The Tassos Family
The Tassos Family


We've added a page which features Jack's bicycle trips including a link to his blog about his ride across the continent in 2011. Added 8/7/2013


We've put a rough "video tour" of our gardens on the home page. Added 07/17/2013


Bicycling across the continent


In 2011 my friend Rich and I chased down our dream of riding our bicycles across the continent from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Along the way we both kept blogs. For us, it was the adventure of a lifetime. I hope you enjoy reading about it!


My blog is located here.


Rich's blog is located here.

Utah and Colorado


In 2012 we were on the road again, this time on a 750 mile ride through the mountains of southern Utah and Colorado. Rich was clever enough to once again keep a wonderful account of our trip, while I did not. A challenging ride with beautiful, majestic scenery. Check out Rich's blog here.

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